Daria Kasatkina visited an orphanage in Ivanteevka

October 16, 2016

Daria Kasatkina returned to Russia, where she would compete at the WTA Premier level-tournament "Kremlin Cup". Yesterday Dasha visited an orphanage in Ivanteevka within social project DaDobro.com - she became an active participant of it at the beginning of the year.

Dasha have met with the children and told them about her way to the professional sport, answered all the questions and held a workout. She held an autograph session and also had gifts and a tasty treat for all the inhabitants of the orphanage - Dasha had brought a rare tea from China.

DaDobro.com is a volunteer movement where everyone can find an application of their abilities, choose and make an own Good Deed. As distinguished from many charitable organizations and foundations, DaDobro.com movement does not collect donations. Volunteers of DaDobro.com wilfully, without money reward and on their own render assistance to those who are in need.

There is assistance to orphanages and children's hospitals, care of veterans and nursing homes, actions aimed at environmental protection, construction of shelters for homeless animals, and more in the list of Good Deeds of DaDobro.com team. 68 sponsored social objects are in care of the volunteers.

The volunteers offer Good Deed Ideas themselves in social networks (Facebook, vKontakte, Instagram) – you can find the page by hashtag #dadobro. The detailed information about previous and future promotions is posted at DaDobro.com.

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